Awstat automake config and domain report

Step 1 - Make automake script to generate domain config

cd /etc/awstats
cp -av awstats.model.conf


First copy the page as dummy , and modify to uncomment "LogFile" , "SiteDomain" and change value of UseFramesWhenCGI=0

vi /root/domain-list.txt

Make the domain list file for automake domain script. It is required update again if you have new domain.

cd /root
chmod +x

crontab -e
## awstats generate all domain config automatically daily
0 0 * * * /root/ &> /dev/null


Download my "" script and add in cronjob task. Before run the script , check the location path of apache domain logs (match with Then run once and check in /etc/awstats/

Step 2 - Make domain report scrip

chmod +x


crontab -e

## awstats make domain webpage report daily
1 0 * * * /root/ &> /dev/null


Download my "" script and add in cronjob task. Edit the script to change "webpage" location and "serverip". Run once and open it in webbrowser : "http://serverip/awstats-domain-report.html"

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