A Cups PDF color printer for your Windows clients

We suppose you already have a properly configured and running CUPS system.

Step 1

Yum install cups-pdf or Grab the RPM or SRPM from http://www.physik.uni-wuerzburg.de/~vrbehr/cups-pdf/

yum install cups-pdf


rpm -ivh cups-pdf-***.rpm

service cups restart

Restart the cups service

You should see the new PDF printer "Cups-PDF" under lynx http://yourserver:631

Step 2

Now letˇ¦s share the PDF printer for your Windows clients :

1) Add the network printer in window XP :

2) The system may warn you of potential viruses (if XP), then tell you no drivers have been installed for that printers. Click yes to install the drivers. To get a color-able PDF printer, pick up "HP DeskJet 1200/C PS" which is quite mainstream (drivers included in Windows 2000/XP by default). You wonˇ¦t need to share the drivers on the samba server if you go with this one.

3) Try test print, you can find the "***.pdf" in :
linux path : "/home/user/Desktop"
Samba user's home directory : "\\yourserver\user\Desktop"
Edit /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf to your needs.

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