Shell Script Collection
All scripts are created by Alan Cheung Hin Lun.

This section is my *.sh collection.
I collected them from web or my work place. Enjoy it!

To run the script:

chmod +x
To get all user's shadow password base on their /home directory is exist
To run backup processing schedule by tape drive with cronjob (using 'mt' command)
It is the script to gather 'ps' and 'top' information and write to /var/log/ps-top/, you can place in server and set cronjob to run it
Show basic server information, such as: ip,gateway,HDD,ram...
Help to locate your pc/server real IP
Web Dictionary for Chinese - English
after installation, type "dict word"
P.S.: It is invalid now!!

Linux cdict Web Dictionary for Chinese - English
Put this file into /bin and "chmod +x cdict" , type "cdict word"
The sample of route add script for DHCP NAT
Rsync script with differential per day
It is deal of switch (on/off) function to run the command
It can be used in cron job for bi-weekly.
To count the files/folers size in sorting and show in KB,MB,GB.TB
Email Alert for SSH login. Installation go to :
Make the data to iso , then Burn to CD
To replace the word in all files of specific destination directory.
Fast installation script for mrtg

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