Quota Installation

It is the installation and configuration of GlusterFS + heartbeat + SMB for Ubuntu debian

In all node : sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install attr sudo apt-get install glusterfs-server gluster --version sudo mkdir /gfs sudo mkdir /gfs-vol sudo chmod 777 /gfs-vol sudo vi /etc/hosts n1 n2 ## Go to node1 : ## probe any peer (storage brick peer) in gluster : sudo gluster peer probe n1 sudo gluster peer probe n2 ## check it sudo gluster peer status ## Create "Replicated Volume" sudo gluster volume create gfs-vol replica 2 transport tcp n1:/gfs n2:/gfs force ## check it sudo gluster vol start gfs-vol sudo gluster vol status sudo gluster vol info ## try mount once to test in Node1 mount -t glusterfs localhost:gfs-vol /gfs-vol umount /gfs-vol ------------------------------------------------------------------- In all node : ## Make Samba file sharing in Each node : sudo apt-get install samba sudo adduser gfs --shell /bin/false sudo smbpasswd -a gfs vi /etc/samba/smb.conf [gfs-vol] path = /gfs-vol writable = yes #public = yes #guest ok = yes #guest only = yes ------------------------------------------------------------------- ## Make the config of Heartbeat in each node for VIP , auto-mount glusterfs volume and SMB access : In all node : sudo apt-get install heartbeat # In node1 (servername : n1) sudo vi /etc/ha.d/ha.cf debugfile /var/log/ha-debug logfile /var/log/ha-log logfacility local0 bcast ens32 ucast ens32 keepalive 2 auto_failback on node n1 node n2 # In node2 (servername : n2) sudo vi /etc/ha.d/ha.cf debugfile /var/log/ha-debug logfile /var/log/ha-log logfacility local0 bcast ens32 ucast ens32 keepalive 2 auto_failback on node n1 node n2 In all node : # create the HA resource config sudo vi /etc/ha.d/haresources n1 IPaddr:: Filesystem::localhost:gfs-vol::/gfs-vol::glusterfs smbd # create the HA secret auth key sudo vi /etc/ha.d/authkeys auth 3 3 md5 password chmod 600 /etc/ha.d/authkeys ## Start all node HA service , and Node1 shoule be primary node to launch VIP, Mount GlusterFS, SMB sudo /etc/init.d/heartbeat start ## Check in node1 for HA resource , if all ok , it is success!!! less /var/log/ha-log ifconfig df -h |grep gfs-vol ## In all node , disable autostart of SMB , let heartbeat handle it sudo systemctl disable smbd sudo systemctl disable iptables sudo systemctl enable heartbeat sudo systemctl enable glusterfs-server ------------------------------------------------------------------- ## In Client, Use WindowPC , create "mount.bat" to smb Mount GlusterFS cluster's VIP net use V: \\\gfs-vol /user:gfs smbpassword ## After copy new file create in client PC's V share drive, check for clusters replication : In 2 node : ls -lah /gfs ## Try power off Node1, to check the failover processing. # In node 1 sudo poweroff # In node 2 less /var/log/ha-log ifconfig df -h |grep gfs-vol ## After failover success , try copy file again in WindowPC , and check again in node2 ## Anything is going OK , then , poweron node1 , ## check again the auto-rollback processing in log and test copy file again.

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