Joomla Installation

Step 1

[root@alanstudio]# mkdir /var/www/html/joomla
[root@alanstudio]# cd /var/www/html/joomla
[root@alanstudio]# wget
[root@alanstudio]# tar -zxvf Joomla_1.0.15-RC1-Full_Package_Chinese.tar.gz

Download the latest verson and extract in web DocumentRoot path.

Downlaod site:

Step 2

[root@alanstudio]# mysql -uroot -p

create database joomla;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON joomla.* TO joomla@localhost IDENTIFIED by 'password';

Create the database 'joomla' in mysql and assign full permission of 'joomla' database to 'joomla' user.

Step 3

Open web browser, locate at
and start the GUI installation via web page step by step

In page 2, for some php variable warning, you can modify:

vi /etc/php.ini

register_globals = Off
magic_quotes_gpc = On
display_errors = On

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

for set RG_EMULATION = off, modify file:

vi ./globals.php

define( 'RG_EMULATION', 0 );

In page 4, input the mysql connection detials:
server: localhost
MySQL ID: joomla
password: password

In last page, copy the configuration and paste in the ./configuration.php and chmod to 777

[root@alanstudio]# chmod 777 ./configuration.php

P.S.: If fail in this part, drop the database 'joomla' and create again to start back step 3

Step 4

[root@alanstudio]# rm -fr ./installation

Remove installation folder and start the joomla

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