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MIMEDefang is a framework for filtering e-mail. It uses Sendmail's Milter API, some C glue code, 
and some Perl code to let you write high-performance mail filters in Perl.

People use MIMEDefang to:

    * Block viruses
    * Block or tag spam
    * Remove HTML mail parts
    * Add boilerplate disclaimers to outgoing mail
    * Remove or alter attachments
    * Replace attachments with URL's
    * Implement sophisticated access controls.

You're limited only by your imagination. If you can think of it and code it in Perl, you can do it with MIMEDefang.

This is the place for you to contribute! I eventually want to move all of the MIMEDefang site into this Wiki. So how about:

    * FilterExamples íV Examples of MIMEDefang filters. Show us your cool code.
    * FaQ íV Frequently-Asked Questions about MIMEDefang.
    * MIMEDefangPresentations describing the software and how to use it
    * Back to the main site

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