[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qa |grep httpd

Query all installed package for 'httpd'

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -ql httpd

Query package for 'httpd' and list all files in this package

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qf /usr/sbin/httpd

Find the belongs package from the files '/usr/bin/httpd'

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qi httpd

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qpi httpd.x.x.x.rpm

Show the related information and version of the package

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qc httpd

List all config file of the package 'httpd'

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qR httpd

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qpR httpd.x.x.x.rpm

List all dependency files of installed package 'httpd' or httpd.rpm

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -ivh httpd.x.x.x.rpm --nodeps DoníŽt do a dependency check before installing or upgrading a package. --replacepkgs Install the packages even if some of them are already installed on this system. --replacefiles Install the packages even if they replace files from other, already installed, packages. --force Same as using --replacepkgs, --replacefiles, and --oldpackage. --test DoníŽt really uninstall anything, just go through the testing

Install rpm package

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh httpd.x.x.x.rpm

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -Fvh httpd.x.x.x.rpm

Update install new rpm package
U - Update install package without any conditional
F - the installation is cancel if the old version package is not install

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -e httpd

Uninstall rpm package

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