SSHFS Installation

Step 1

[root@local~]# yum install yum install fuse-sshfs

Install sshfs via yum.

[root@local~]# sshfs sshfs hostname: mountpoint
[root@local~]# sshfs root@ /mnt/server2
[root@local~]# sshfs -p 22 root@ /mnt/server2

Simply to sshfs network mount the root "/" of other server.
P.S. you can set SSH without password with rsa key -- Click this

[root@local~]# df -h /dev/hda1 36G 15G 20G 43% / tmpfs 752M 0 752M 0% /dev/shm sshfs# 1000G 0 1000G 0% /mnt/server2

You can see "sshfs#" in the filesystem now.

[root@local~]# umount /mnt/server2
[root@local~]# fusermount -u /mnt/server2

This is Un-mount command.

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