Redir is a port redirector. Its functionality basically consists of the ability to listen for TCP connections on a given port, and, when it recieves a connection, to then connect to a given destination address/port, and pass data between them. It finds most of its applications in traversing firewalls, but, of course, there are other uses. It can run under inetd or stand alone (in which case it handles multiple connections). It is 8 bit clean, not limited to line mode, is small and light.

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tar -zxvf redir-2.2.1.tar.gz
cd redir-2.2.1
make redir
cp -p redir /bin/
rm -fr /root/redir*


redir --lport=80 --cport=80 --caddr=

Port redirect from local server 80 port to port 80

ps axf |grep redir

Show the process of redir

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