[root@alanstudio]# vacation -I fion

[root@alanstudio]# su fion
[root@alanstudio]# vacation
[root@alanstudio]# vacation

Change to user to enable the vacation of 'fion', after save and edit the message, it will generate .forward .vacation.msg .vacation.db

[root@alanstudio]# vi /home/fion/.forward
#\fion, | "/usr/bin/vacation -r -t0 fion"

add the # to disable the vacation,

-t0 - reply the email every incoming mail without interval time (default 1 week)
       -I     Initialize the .vacation.db file and start vacation.

       If the -I flag is not specified, and a user argument is given, vacation
       reads the first line from the standard input (for a  'From:'  line,  no
       colon).   If  absent,  it  produces  an  error  message.  The following
       options may be specified:

       -a alias
              Indicate that alias is one of the valid  aliases  for  the  user
              running vacation, so that mail addressed to that alias generates
              a reply.

       -j     Do not check whether the recipient appears in the 'To:'  or  the
              'Cc:' line. Reply always.

       -tN    Change  the  interval between repeat replies to the same sender.
              N is the number of days between replies. Default is one week.

       -r     If there is a 'Reply-To:' header, send the  automatic  reply  to
              the address given there.  Otherwise, use the 'From:' entry.

[root@alanstudio]# vi /home/fion/.forward
\fion, "|/usr/bin/vacation -r 0 fion"

Set the reply interval to interval days. The default is one week. An interval of "0'' means that a reply is sent to each message

[root@alanstudio]# vi /home/fion/.vacation.msg

edit the vacation message

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