[root@~]# vncserver :1

Start the vncserver session 1 with 5901 port

[root@~]# vncviewer

Start the vncviewer to connect remote vnc server

[root@~]# vncviewer --listen

Causes vncviewer to listen on the given port (default 5500) for reverse connections from a VNC server. WinVNC supports reverse connections initiated using the 'Add New Client' menu option or the '-connect' command-line option. Xvnc supports reverse con- nections with a helper program called vncconfig.

[root@~]# vncviewer AutoSelect=0 LowColourLevel=1

Start the vncviewer in the lower color mode to speedup the remote movement

Server is hosted by Alanstudio
Linux Operating System

Recommend screen resolution 1024 x 768 / IE / FireFox
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