[root@localhost ~]# w3m

View the options

[root@localhost ~]# w3m hk.movies.yahoo.com -I utf8 -O utf8
[root@localhost ~]# w3m hk.movies.yahoo.com -I big5 -O big5

open the page using web browser w3m support with (-I)document charset and (-O)display charset

[root@localhost ~]# w3m -dump yahoo.com > test.htm

Dump the web page and save to html file.

B - fo back the previous page
T - open new tab page
ctrl+q - close current tab page
{ or } - swap the tab page
v - view the source code
H - view the help options of w3m
ctril+h - view the hostiry
/word - find the word forward
?word - find the word backward
q or Q - quit w3m with/without confirm
c - show the current URL
U - open URL in the current tab page
! - execute shell command in w3m browser
ctrl+c - to cancel current operation

Basic hot-key in the w3m web browser

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